High Density Cooling


With the deployment of modern IT hardware including blade servers and the like, today’s data centre is experiencing heat load concentrations which go far beyond the capabilities of traditional cooling solutions. That said, in most data centres it is not necessary to cater for such a high heat load throughout, but it is essential to ensure that it is planned for in a particular high density area or areas.

Heavy promotion of “in-row” or “in-rack” cooling solutions in recent times has led to a popular

misconception that downflow systems providing cooling air via a raised floor void are inadequate to cope with high heat load densities. With the products and technologies offered by Uniflair, this is simply not the case. Indeed, TÜV laboratories have certified the Uniflair solution at heat load densities up to 40kW/rack.

Of course, should the in-row solution best meet your requirements we also have a range of DX and chilled water in-row units (see below)

In Row Cooling Solutions

The in-row cooling units are an alternative solution ideally suited to medium-high density loads as the cooling units are situated parallel to the server racks, taking air from the hot aisle and distributing it directly into the cold aisle in close proximity to the load for extremely predictable cooling performance. In-row cooling is particularly suited to applications where the loads are not evenly distributed and the cooling unit layout can be planned accordingly.

The in-row cooling units are available in either 300mm or 600mm widths, with chilled water, air-cooled DX or water cooled DX variants

The in-row units are extremely flexible and compatible with Uniflair airflow management and energy saving solutions including:

• Installations either with or without raised floor

• Installations with or without aisle enclosures

• Installations with limited head height

• Control on either temperature or differential
   pressure between hot and cold aisles

• Optimised Management Interface (OMI) –
   maintaining maximum chilled water
   temperatures for chiller efficiency without
   compromising resilience or control.

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