Indirect Air Economiser


The latest trend in cooling for large data centres is indirect adiabatic fresh air free-cooling, also known as indirect air-to-air economisers. Such systems work with high internal air temperatures within the data centre in line with the latest ASHRAE guidelines, and incorporate an air-to-air heat exchange between internal and external air, using the benefits of adiabatic cooling on the external air when required, to cool the internal re-circulated air.

The key to this system is the heat exchanger ensuring that the internal and external air paths never mix, preventing the vulnerabilities introduced by direct fresh-air free-cooling.

Ecoflair is Uniflair’s second generation air economiser. One of the key differentiators of Ecoflair is the fully composite heat exchange core with zero metallic elements. This is self-cleaning meaning minimal maintenance is required and ensures that unlike aluminium, the efficiency and effectiveness of the heat exchange does not degrade over time.

This is particularly important when it is considered that the heat exchanger will be wet for significant periods of time, which will exacerbate the degradation of aluminium heat exchangers but not affect the composite solution used in EcoFlair. The composite heat exchanger also allows Ecoflair to operate with a wide range of water qualities, removing the need for much of the expensive to buy and maintain water treatment plant.

EcoFlair has the option for in-built backup Chilled Water or DX coils with high efficiency variable speed compressors to maintain cooling on the rare occasions full free-cooling may not be achievable, and also as resilience to ensure uninterrupted cooling in the event of a failure in the water supply for adiabatic operation. The intelligent controls system can be set to prioritise either energy efficiency or water usage, depending on individual site requirements and availability and cost of water.


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