Precision Air Conditioning


With our huge range of room air conditioners, here at Uniflair we have the solution whatever the cooling requirements for your equipment may be.  Due to huge investments in R&D, Uniflair units are at the leading edge of performance, efficiency and value. From small 5kW equipment rooms to large data centres, or for precisely controlled labs and archive conditions, we have a wide range of cooling options available including:

• Air-cooled direct expansion with remote
  external condensers

• Chilled water

• Water-cooled direct expansion

• Twin cool units

• Dual coil chilled water

• Water-cooled direct expansion with integral

   free-cooling coils

• Direct fresh-air free-cooling




Welcome to the latest generation of high efficiency chilled water downflow units from Uniflair. With a separate fan deck suitable for location above or below a raised floor, these stylish units offer maximum capacity and efficiency from the smallest of footprints, freeing up valuable additional white space within the data centre.

Designed specifically for the modern data centre with performance optimised at elevated temperatures in line with the latest ASHRAE guidelines, and combined with cutting-edge composite fan technology, the HDCV range offers up to 50% fan power savings compared to conventional downflow units


Leonardo Gen 2 Direct Expansion Units (50 – 140kW)

Welcome to the latest generation of high efficiency direct expansion units from Uniflair. Available in downflow or upflow configuration, all with ultra lightweight and efficient radical composite EC fans located either integral to the unit or within a separate fan deck for location within a raised floor, the Leonardo range offers complete flexibility suitable for any airflow configuration. Reliability, energy efficiency and maximising cooling output from minimal footprint are three of the key drivers in the

development of these latest units, and to that end are available with either traditional on/off compressors or inverter scroll compressors which also allow control on the supply air temperature. 3 versions are available, air-cooled with remote external air cooled condenser and interconnecting piperuns of up to 100m, glycol-cooled with integral condenser water cooled plate heat exchanger, and energy saving glycol-cooled version with integral free-cooling coil.

 Leonardo Evolution & Leonardo Max

From 20kW – 100kW (DX) or 140kW (chilled water), the Leonardo range of downflow and upflow precision air conditioning units provide flexible airflow configurations whatever your cooling requirements.

Using the latest components and intelligent control algorithms developed by Uniflair’s in-house software division, the Leonardo series offers maximum efficiency, reliability and precision at competitive prices


The most compact range of units available on the market, the Amico units provide high powered cooling with the minimum of fuss.

Low energy consumption on all units and frontal access to all components ensures that installation and service & maintenance couldn’t be easier.

 Telecomms Cooling

Precision air conditioning equipment specifically designed with cooling for telecommunications applications in mind, these units have extremely high sensible heat ratios (100% in most cases) and are available with optional direct fresh air free-cooling. Perfectly suited to a wide variety of equipment cooling applications, the range consists of completely packaged units for either internal or external installation,

fully charged with refrigerant in the factory for quick and easy installation on site, or split type units for ceiling mounting and remote external condensing units.


The intelligent free-cooling system maximises potential energy benefits by making use of any standby units when in free-cooling mode.


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