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Free-cooling offers huge energy savings for chillers by reducing or eliminating the need for compressor operation when the external air temperature is below the return water temperature. At Uniflair, we take a different approach to our competitors; all Uniflair air-cooled chillers are designed as free-cooling chillers from the outset to optimise the performance and maximise the free-cooling

benefits, rather than taking a standard chiller and trying to add free-cooling to it With no increase in footprint compared to the standard Chiller range, the Free Cooling chillers benefit clients keen to optimise the advantages of the cool UK climate in modern buildings that require cooling all year round or systems which operate at higher water temperatures such as chilled beam applications or data centres.

Air-Cooled Turbocor Chillers

The latest innovation from Uniflair is the BCE air cooled chiller series featuring oil-free variable speed Turbocor compressors with magnetic bearings. ALL models are available in BCEF free cooling version, for energy savings that set the new benchmark in this sector, taking advantage of the double benefits of free-cooling reducing the load on the refrigeration circuit, which then puts the Turbocor compressor into its

hugely efficient part load operation.

Unlike many rivals, Uniflair has not opted to simply adapt an existing chiller range to fit the Turbocor, but has spent considerable time and resource to develop a completely new range to take full advantage of the benefits of this innovative compressor, while at the same time ensuring dependable operation even in demanding ambient temperatures.


Uniflair Optimisation System

Not only are the individual air conditioning units and chillers market leaders in terms of energy saving, Uniflair goes further in offering innovative solutions for their management and control as part of complete systems.
The Uniflair Optimisation System allows the indoor cooling units to communicate with the free-cooling chillers and dynamically vary the chilled water set-point

depending on the cooling demand. This keeps the chilled water set-point as high as possible to maximise COP and extend the periods in which free cooling is available.
Furthermore, by utilising any standby units to exploit over-capacity in a system in normal operation, the water temperatures can run higher than design to significantly reduce PUE without compromising resilience.

“Intelligent” Free-Cooling Chillers

All critical chilled water systems will require a standby chiller to ensure the necessary levels of resilience are maintained at all times. For chillers from 40kW up to 1.5MW, Uniflair created “Intelligent Free Cooling” which allows the free-cooling potential of any standby chillers to be utilised without compromising the resilience levels of the system. Uniflair Intelligent Free-Cooling maximises energy savings whenever

the ambient temperature is below the chilled water return temperature, including:

• Huge free cooling coils, back-to-back with
   each condenser coil

• 10% reduction in main pump size
   (intelligent free cooling pump fitted on-board)

• Up to 90% additional free cooling from any
  “Intelligent” standby chiller

Adiabatic Chillers (300 – 1250kW)

Achieve free-cooling when the ambient dry bulb temperature is higher than the water you are trying to cool!

By using the evaporative cooling effect, Uniflair adiabatic free-cooling chillers have the potential to provide free-cooling when the ambient dry bulb temperature is warmer than the chilled water temperatures, depending on ambient humidity and chilled water temperatures. In UK climatic conditions, making use of the wet bulb temperature can offer a significant reduction in

energy consumption and these savings can be demonstrated using our sophisticated energy calculation software for your individual project requirements.

Available for both Free-Cooling and standard chillers with either Screw or Turbocor compressors, the packaged adiabatic system offers the potential for 35% energy savings without compromising resilience and incorporates intelligent control to minimise

water usage.

HFO R1234ze Chillers (300-1000kW)

With the ongoing focus on reducing global carbon emissions, the engineering experts at Uniflair have been working hard to develop new and innovative cooling products which utilise the emerging breed of low GWP blends and ultra-low GWP Hydoflouroolefin (HFO) refrigerants. Whilst providing the same flexibility, resilience and energy efficiency you expect from Uniflair’s traditional chiller range, the new Low GWP refrigerant chillers offer additional benefits such as additional BREEAM points, wider operating envelopes, and an increase in free-cooling capacity.  By investing in more than one new refrigerant, Uniflair have developed and refined products

 which capitalize on the unique properties of each. This no-compromise approach to design and development means they now offer several refrigerant choices, ensuring the new refrigerant revolution works not only for the environment, but also for the client and the project.

All Uniflair chillers with screw and Turbocor compressors (300 – 1500kW), air-cooled, free-cooling and water-cooled, are available with 3 refrigerant options: traditional R134a, blended R513A or HFO R1234ze. Uniflair have sophisticated comparison tools available to help you choose the best solution for your requirements.


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